Silicon Beach Real Estate – 90 Day Rolling Averages For Home Sales

Real Estate Trending Up

There is a lot of press lately about a big pull back in real estate across the country. Contrary to other areas, I’d say that things are definitely looking “up” in #SiliconBeach, as demonstrated by the data charts below.

Numbers for Marina del Rey, Playa Vista and Playa del Rey are slightly more mixed, but those are small markets with anomalies in housing stock.

These charts reflect data for single family homes. Click each chart for a deeper dive into the numbers.

Would you like a custom Silicon Beach real estate data chart created just for you? Ping me.

If you’re not familiar with Silicon Beach zip codes, 90066 is Mar Vista (Silicon Beach-adjacent and definitely enjoying the spillover effects), 90094 is Playa Vista (arguably part of Silicon Beach although not on the beach) and 90045 is Westchester (Silicon Beach-adjacent). The charts with zip codes are part of the City of Los Angeles.

Ready to dive in and pick up your piece of Silicon Beach real estate?

Start shopping and let me know how I can help!


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