Meet Your Silicon Beach Realtor

Surf's Up In Silicon Beach
The surfing’s always good at Silicon Beach

If you’ve read my bio or ever met me, you know that I, Tracy Thrower Conyers, am a web tech junkie, tech entrepreneur, former tech attorney and passionate purveyor of real estate services. It’s only natural that LA’s emerging Silicon Beach scene would capture my attention and imagination.

To help guarantee that I spend my days hitting all my fun cylinders, I focus a lot of my real estate services on serving lawyers, entrepreneurs and others connected to Silicon Beach and LA’s digital corridor.

Are you connected? Let’s talk about Silicon Beach real estate! You’ll find me knowledgeable, prepared and fluent in both legalese and techese. At deal time, I’m a tough and strategic negotiator.

Need a Silicon Beach realtor to help you buy or sell residential or residential income properties in and around Silicon Beach? Ping me now.  CalBRE #01712960

So, how can I help you my Silicon Beach peeps?

To start, how about some real estate listings for sale in and around Silicon Beach? Find those on our real estate website – Silicon Beach Properties.

Find historical trend data for Silicon Beach real estate here

Not ready to buy? Find Silicon Beach homes to lease here and here.

Need help with your Silicon Beach event?

I’m an avid volunteer and always looking for an excuse to hang out with like-minded people, so give me a shout to help out with your next Silicon Beach event.

Let’s connect! Find Tracy Thrower Conyers on the web at: